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Friday, 14 October 2011

XBMC installation

I'm trying to decide on how I want to run my XBMC installation.  Should I run it on W7 or XBMC live?
W7 will take awhile to start up.  And then i will have to navigate to XBMC and click run.  This is ok for any secondary computers in the house, but not for my main HTPC. 
I could leave it on stand by the whole time, but that will probably use alot of electricity. 
I could use XBMC live, but then all my emulators will probably have to be linux based (Here, im runnign on the assuption that you could use launcher to lanch programs from the server.  This could be 100% wrong or just really hard) .  And live takes 1:30 m to open any ways
I could use OpenELC, but that gets rid of all the plug in's

This going to say, life would be about 100x easier if xbmc live was faster and could open programs from a server

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