This blog is written so that I can spew my thoughts on a cheap networked hometheater system. I use as much opensource software as I can, but try to keep everything as easy as I can. When I am done, I will create a tutorial to sum up what I learned.

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Things/solutions i have been looking at

I have detailed what i want, and now i will share with you some research that i have done
Here is a link to a great tutorial for setting up a mostly awesome XBMC center
Out of that the only thing i want to change is the locations.  I want XBMC on the HTPC and the rest (TED, EMM, EventGhost, uTorrent, Renamer) on the server.  I would also like couchpotatoe, but I'm not sure if it works with torrents or only the downloader which must not be named.  Also TED sucks.  I currently use TV Shows for OSX and its awesome.  I do wish there was a RSS torrenter for games
Also if i ever buy a real computer, I'd like to run a TV tuner and turn it into a PVR. 

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