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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Setting up XBMC

My posts are slowly becoming more orginized.  I'm able to think through this as I write it, and it comes out very easily after I have the inital stuff out of the way.
Now i will detail my XBMC set up
I don't have XBMC installed on to anything, but i think i understand it ( from looking in the forums)
I will be using this as a guide
1) i will have to set it to look for media in the server, not the computer it is installed on.  I am assuming this is quite easy
2)I will get airplay to work with XBMC.  the following 2 links will help
3) i will have to use the launcher to start games/programs
         a)I don't know much about the launcher.  I would like to be able to lauch certian program right from the main menu (the one with music, movies, pictures, and settings) I would name it internet because it would launch Kylo (http://kylo.tv/) a 10 foot internet browser
         b)I would also use it to create a game library
4)I'd like to sync my media through out my house, so if i start a show in one room, i can continue it in another. Can you tell i read alot of life hacker?
5) I think thats about it!

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