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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Recap for today

So lets look at the original list and see what we have a solution for

1)Watch my movies from all the computers/tvs in my house XBMC set up to grab media from server
2)Access all my media remotly No ideas about this, please feel free to share in the coments
3)Use airplay with all my computers/tvs Thanks to a similar blog with the code i just have to figure out how to use it ( i have no codeing experence)
4) Automatically download new TV shows An currently do this but only on the mac as TED sucks.  I think i could leave it on the mac and have it drop all the finished files in the server
5) Automatically download new movies  Just have to see if couchpotatoe is 'downloader which must not be name' only or if it works with torrents (cause i don't understand 'downloader which must not be name' )  If it can torrent, it will be the same as 4)
6)Access all my games and saved info from all my computers/tvs This is up in the air. I need to find out more about how emulators work. 
7) Play all games from every system ya right
8) Control this all using 1 or 2 controllers (and my iPhone) futher info needed ( i know there is alot of apps for phones, but i really like the boxee remote (minus no back lighting or acceleromitor)
9) Have this all under one skin (XBMC) Well this is kinda the main thing isn't it?

So I have a complete solution for 2 items.  But around 3 of them i just need a bit of info, and those are really the ones I care about.
I guess i should get cracking
I will be referencing this list from now on, so if you see me talking abou 3), it means 3) from this list (unless otherwise specified)

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