This blog is written so that I can spew my thoughts on a cheap networked hometheater system. I use as much opensource software as I can, but try to keep everything as easy as I can. When I am done, I will create a tutorial to sum up what I learned.

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Monday, 17 October 2011

Newly working PCs

This weekend, I was working on 2 PC's which my office gave to me, and I have gotten them both working.  I will be using them as testing for my XBMC installations.  One will become a XBMC Live htpc and the other will have XBMC on top of windows XP.  This will provide me with a place to test the laucher setup for both.  I also have a laptop from work with a broken screen and no hard drive.  The screen doesn't matter as I could hook it up to a monitor.  But I do need a hard drive for it. 

PS still working on that updated list.  Really looking at what I want out of this system.

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