This blog is written so that I can spew my thoughts on a cheap networked hometheater system. I use as much opensource software as I can, but try to keep everything as easy as I can. When I am done, I will create a tutorial to sum up what I learned.

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Monday, 24 October 2011

live vs W7 vs OpenElec

I am still working on choosing how to run my main HTPC.  I ran XBMC on my wxp desktop, but when I woke it up from standby, it still required me to log in to the windows user (the PC only has one user, and it doesn't have a password).  I'm reading about OpenElec and it looks pretty good.  It can use add-ons, which is awesome.  http://lifehacker.com/5851924/openelec-is-a-hassle+free-xbmc-distribution-for-home-theater-pcs
But then again, I would like to use my games.  If I can find a way to run it on WXP without ever seeing the log in screen, it would be awesome!  That way, I could easily close XBMC and work on the back end with no coding knowledge.  In that case, I'd just leave the computer on sleep.

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