This blog is written so that I can spew my thoughts on a cheap networked hometheater system. I use as much opensource software as I can, but try to keep everything as easy as I can. When I am done, I will create a tutorial to sum up what I learned.

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Monday, 24 October 2011


I'm currently looking at a Linux server.  I've done some research and it looks like thats the only way to have it work for both Mac and Windows.  I've been doing some research on linux and will hopfully be learning how to use it.  It uses the comand line alot, which I'm not familiar with.  I have a computer ready to become a server though, so this should be a free endevour. 
In other news, I drilled some holes in my house and ran some cable.  There is now network access at the main computer, the main TV, and the downstairs bedroom.  I also have a put my wireless router there and placed a computer in there aswell.  This will become my server.  Notice there is no power going to it, this will probably come tonight.  I think I'll build a couple doors on it.  I'm quite excited for that.  Even if there is not a home theater front at the moment, it will really help future implementation of it

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