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Friday, 14 October 2011

Installing couch potato

Couch Potato for mac gave me a bit of a hard time.  Heres some instructions.
Click OSX/Linux on the website.  A folder will download. To install it, you must down load python and run the installation.  Then look for and open the Python Interpreter (using spotlight).  Go file>open.  look for the file couchpotato.py (should be right above the thing that looks like it should be teh couchpotato app)  open it.  Terminal will come up, hit enter.  you must leave these terminal windows open to run couchpotato.  CouchPotato will open in your default browser. 
I'm honestly not sure how well this work.  I have to test it a little more.  I scheduled a couple movies but they didn't show up in my torrent client.  I'm going to read through the life hacker guide.  I know its a guide to set it up for the 'downloader which must not be named', but the site says CP is cool for torrent too. 

Actually, just from reading that artical again, I think I realized whats up.  I have to click the gear icon (settings) and set all my preferences.

Now there is a couchpotato app for iphone to choose/set your movies, but its only avabile on jailbroken phones.  I'm not jailbraking my phone.  ever

1,7,9 Solved
3,4, 5, 6 Almost there!
2, 8, no research has been done

PS you are all do for an update on number 8, its coming.  I just have to refine my goals

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