This blog is written so that I can spew my thoughts on a cheap networked hometheater system. I use as much opensource software as I can, but try to keep everything as easy as I can. When I am done, I will create a tutorial to sum up what I learned.

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

First Post

Basically this blog is a record of my endevour to create the most comprehensive home theater/media system with as little money as possible.  I work as an IT assistant in a company of around 250.  I some time receive free stuff like cords/cds so that will definatly help upset my costs. 
My current goal is this.  I want to be able to
1)Watch my movies from all the computers/tvs in my house
2)Access all my media remotly
3)Use airplay with all my computers/tvs
4) Automatically download new TV shows
5) Automatically download new movies
6)Access all my games and saved info from all my computers/tvs
7) Play all games from every system
8) Control this all using 1 or 2 controllers (and my iPhone
9) Have this all under one skin (XBMC)

This is a dream.  Some of this is really easy, some not so much
I'll post specifics later

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