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Thursday, 13 October 2011

AutoDownload new music

I've been talking about autodownloading movies and tv shows
I want to say that this isn't quite legal (an neither are alot of roms for emulators)  I currently do not use any of these solutions and I legal own all the media I use, everything here has been hypothetical so far
That being said, I have found a autodownload for music as well.  It uses the 'downloader which must not be named' which kinda sucks.  Between that, sickbread and couchpotato being optimized for 'downloader which must not be named', I'm really thinking of starting an account ( you have to pay for it though, $10-$15 a month).  The only thing they're missing is autodownloading games when they come out (alittle over kill, I know).  If you know of a good torrent version, (of this or sickbread) shout it out in the comments!

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