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Monday, 17 October 2011


It seems that today is about getting all the correct research done. 
I found a remote that will hopefully work well. http://www.riimini.com/rii-mini-i6-2-4ghz-wireless-keyboard-with-touchpad-universal-ir-remote-control-black/
Look alittle big, but it has built in IR and bluetooth.  This means it can turn on the TV and then work with the HTPC.  It's alittle more expensive and its kinda looks like crap, but its back lit and works with everything out of the box. 
Here is a link for getting boxee remote to work on linux xbmc http://askubuntu.com/questions/20543/how-do-i-get-a-boxee-remote-working
Heres a comparison:

So who wins?  Well I have no idea yet.  As this hardware is not nesisarry and will only be used in the end, then I think I can wait to decide.  Heck, maybe boxee v2 will come out with backlighting and an accelerometer...

But there are still other options.  XBMC has its own remote made by motorola.  It is a full on TV remote with qwerty on the back.  Or the TiVo Slide.

The XBMC Remote doesn't have backlighting, but it does have an accelerometer.  It is also a little more expensive.  TiVo slide is back lit, doesn't need an accelerometer (its a slide, not a flip).  But the TiVo really doesn't play nice with XBMC.  It's the same in price as the Rii, but still astetically, the Boxee is the best.  Amazing even.  I love that remote!

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